Raise a toast to the woman who does it all with one of these three delicious gin cocktails from Six Dogs Distillery.

Queen of the Pack

The ultimate celebratory cocktail that’s guaranteed to impress.


25ml Six Dogs Blue gin
15ml Lanique Liqueur
1 Amareno (or fresh) cherry
5ml Amareno cherry syrup
Approximately 100ml MCC (champagne style sparkling wine)


Put the cherry and cherry syrup in a champagne glass. Add gin and liqueur and top with MCC. And voila!


Honey Lime Easy Serve G&T

Designed for South Aftrican summers, this G&T is light, refreshing and oh-so-easy to create.


37.5ml Six Dogs Honey Lime gin
180ml Indian tonic (any classic style tonic)
1 Lime wedge
A sprinkle of red peppercorns


Pour the gin into a tumbler, followed by tonic and ice. Garnish with a small wedge of lime and pink peppercorns to add a pop of colour.

Pelargonium Martinez

A floral take on a classic cocktail. Part gin, part vermouth and entirely delicious.


25ml Rose pelargonium-infused Italian vermouth
50ml Six Dogs Blue gin
4 Drops bitters
1 Naartjie rind


Stir vermouth, gin and bitters over ice, for 15 seconds. Double strain into coup glass, or serve over block ice. Garnish with a generous naartjie rind.


About Six Dogs Distillery

Established in 2013 and situated on Boschkloof Farm, near Worcester, Six Dogs Distillery passionately provides both local and international craft spirit fanatics with Six Dogs Karoo, Six Dogs Blue, Six Dogs Pinotage Stained and Six Dogs Honey Lime gins. For more information please visit: