Reject the mundane and embrace the unexpected: garnish this delectably classic cocktail with cucumber! 

To celebrate the glorious union of the Gin and Tonic – Hendrick’s Gin challenges you to try something unusual this ninth day of April. While lemons make for a perfectly predictable garnish, the simple cucumber brings out the curious flavours of Hendrick’s Gin, with its infusions of English Cucumber and Bulgarian Rose.

And furthermore, Hendrick’s Gin is immensely proud to offer its perfect serve, the Hendrick’s and Tonic, with the Fitch and Leeds rose and cucumber infused Pink Tonic water.

The process of constructing the Hendrick’s and Tonic is wonderfully simple, and results in a refreshing cocktail.

Hendrick’s and Tonic 

  1. 50 ml Hendrick’s Gin
  2. 150 ml Fitch and Leedes rose and cucumber infused Pink Tonic water
  3. Cucumber garnish
  4. Ice

Hendrick’s Gin retails for R449.95 in leading liquor stores countrywide, including Makro and Norman Goodfellows. Please enjoy the unusual responsibly.

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