AI Aqua – is the summer colour trend, forecast by WGSN: The global authority on consumer and design trends. Their perceptions influence fashion, interiors, beauty, food and beverages. Established in 1998, they now consist of a global network of over 250 strategists and their insights are highly regarded by brands worldwide. So, they know what they are talking about!

The colour is described as an electric, glowing shade of blue. Inspired by technology. Believed to be increasingly relevant with the advent of 5G and thus increased connectivity and online accessibility to many around the world. It is interesting to note that blue is a popular branding choice online.

It’s regarded as an active colour but blue in general, is regarded as tranquil so a bit of a paradox. Evidently, it all comes down to the intensity of the shade. Generally brighter shades like this represent positivity and optimism which is what we all need under current socio-economic and political conditions!

Including AI Aqua into your life 

Taylor Blinds & Shutters suggests that if you’d like to incorporate some of this trendy shade into your life, consider adding an item or two in this colour to your wardrobe – you don’t have to go head to toe in an aqua tracksuit, but a T-shirt or even an accessory like a piece of jewellery will do the trick. Likewise, for your home – perhaps a feature wall painted in this colour in the TV room or if that still seems too daring – just pop in a touch of it with scatter cushions or a throw. Less is more when it comes to bright colours. It is always advisable to balance a bright colour with a neutral such as a soft grey or white or even a soft natural wood shade.

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