National Rooibos Day

January 16 is National Rooibos Day in South Africa. This special plant is unique to South Africa and only grows in one small area of our beautiful country, in the Cederberg region.

Rooibos has been part of our South African heritage for hundreds of years, with knowledge of the health benefits of Rooibos being passed down through generations. And now scientists are increasingly producing research that backs up many of the anecdotal claims about this superfood.

Let’s look at some of the cool things we know about Rooibos:

  • Rooibos is caffeine free which makes it a really versatile drink (great for kids, and to drink before sleep)
  • It’s packed full of antioxidant-rich micronutrients, helping to boost your immunity.
  • It increases good cholesterol and reduces the bad
  • It reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels, all of which help to prevent heart disease.
  • Rooibos contains the chemical alpha-hydroxy acid, often used in anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Rooibos is naturally sweet, so for those trying to avoid sugary drinks, Rooibos is a great alternative.

National Rooibos Day

BOS Ice Tea is one of many Proudly South African products that use Rooibos as their key ingredient. The BOS story began just over ten years ago, with two guys who joined forces to create a fun and healthy Rooibos drink. Known for its colourful and funky product design and cheeky attitude to life, the much-loved South African brand can now be found in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Rooibos has been embraced the world over, and according to the SA Rooibos Council, is exported to over 30 countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, the United Kingdom and United States. Even Starbucks has a Rooibos Latte on their menu!

Enjoyed as a hot cup of tea or found in a wide range of products from ice tea and health shots to skincare products, Rooibos continues to grow in stature as a superfood with each new study investigating its health benefits.