Franck Muller

Once again, Franck Muller takes an uncommon approach to the very notion of time off the beaten track. An invitation to remember, to cultivate the fabulous and precious power of remembrance. The Master of Complications states with his new collection Remember that no law of physics assures us that time only moves forward in a unidirectional way. A real facelift, this timepiece with its fabulous rejuvenating properties takes us into a world where time flows backwards. The collection Remember thus offers a new reading, presenting the hour figures in the opposite clockwise direction. Historically, the hands have always moved in chronological order from 1 to 12, rotating from left to right at the top of the dial and from right to left at the bottom, following the direction of movement of the shadow projected on the horizontal sundial in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks to a self-winding mechanism, the hour, minute and second hands will follow an unconventional rotation, making a circle in a “counter-clockwise” direction. A poetic complication that invites us to take our time, as if we could extend our most beautiful moments to infinity. Amazing, disconcerting and elegant, the collection Remember is available in 18k rose or white gold or stainless steel. Its dial, entirely set with diamonds or stamped guilloche with sun pattern, finished with 20 layers of lacquer and the emblematic hologram numerals of the House, will seduce the wrists of women and men.

A timepiece that perpetuates the Franck Muller tradition while establishing a new philosophy that invites each aficionado of Haute Horlogerie to proclaim their independence from the established order of time.