Katryn Kruger

International model and business woman, Katryn Kruger, not only shoots for famous fashion brands but has now launched Koffie Met Katryn – an initiative where she shares her own story, aiming to inspire and motivate other women to follow their dreams and to celebrate being a woman. Through this she also wants to offer the opportunity for other women to inspire, support and empower each other.

Koffie Met Katryn is an intimate event series where Katryn herself hosts 20 guests as she shares her life story, lessons she’s learned, challenges she faced and adventures that shaped her. When Covid-19 struck she had to move her entire brand online which has seen successful results.

1. Please can you tell us a little more about yourself, your career and what you are doing right now?

I am a professional model, entrepreneur, business woman and motivational speaker. Because of lockdown I am not able to host my Koffie Met Katryn events. However, I started doing Instagram Lives every Friday afternoon since the beginning of lockdown called “Kwarantyn Met Katryn” (“quarantine with Katryn”). I urge my followers to dress up for #FancyFriday, because we can all beat the lockdown blues when we wear our favourite feel-good outfit.

In these Instagram Live videos I either have guests on to discuss topics, business or even show a craft such as flower arrangements. The videos have become very popular with views ranging from 3000 to 5000 resulting in brands coming on board to sponsor videos. Through these videos I have also started my online book club on Instagram which launched this month.

2. What has been your biggest challenge during lockdown and to follow up on that, your biggest lesson?

My biggest challenge has been finding the energy and creativity to keep creating content for social media and engaging with my followers on all my platforms.

I often feel despondent about the fact that my new business is at a standstill because of lockdown, but I know that the best I can do is to keep active on my social media platforms and by doing so I will be growing my community and reach.

My biggest lesson has been to allow myself to take it easy and not be too hard on myself. There have been many times where I have no idea what to do on social media while feeling the pressure that it is the only way to keep my name out there. In those moments I allowed myself to take a break from social media and this has really helped my anxiety and lack of creativity.

3. As an entrepreneur and business owner, what has been the one piece of advice you have ever received which you’d like to pass on to the person reading this right now?

Always be true to yourself (Shakespeare’s words of wisdom in Hamlet). Whether in business or in your personal life, always remain true to your values and voice. It is not always easy, but it is the only way to stay authentic and loyal to yourself, your goals and your support system.

4. What has – without a doubt – been your proudest moment?

Several times in my life I have been at big crossroads (leaving school at 16 to model full time, leaving the modelling industry to finish school, getting married at 20).

Each decision was a difficult one to make, but every time I stayed true to what I wanted and what I knew I could live with for the rest of my life.

As a model there were many proud moments in my career. I am also proud of having started my own business which is aimed at empowering women. And in my personal life I am extremely proud of my husband and the life we’ve built together.

Katryn Kruger

5. What is the one thing you know now, which you would tell your 16 year old self, and why?

In the moment, life can sometimes suck. But with time, you will look and be able to see the bigger picture. So, when the going gets tough, just keep going!

6. Where can people get hold of you?

I am most active on Instagram (@katrynkruger). I also have a Facebook Page and YouTube channel. My website is katrynkruger.com (currently under construction). Or send me an email at hello@katrynkruger.com.

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