John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals

More now than ever, people are very aware of what they put in their bodies. A health and wellness approach has been taken by many and that includes the dramatic decrease in alcoholic beverages or not having any alcohol at all. It is no wonder we are seeing non-alcoholic versions of our favourite drinks making their appearance in liquor stores, online and in restaurants. Gone are the days of sugar-filled sodas with a braai! John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals is a leader within the Zero Alcohol market with their Premium Virgin Spirits.

John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals is a first of its kind for South Africa and the world. Virgin distilled botanicals are blended together to create a classic non-alcoholic spirit, infused with honeybush tannin.  Not only for pregnant women, John Ross is a premium product for the individual who chooses not to drink alcohol, whatever their reason. John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals are best served with either Barker & Quin Premium Tonic Water or soda water for 0 calories. “John Ross Virgin products give the consumer a drink that is sophisticated, low calorie and just as refreshing as a normal Gin and Tonic” says co-founder, Hanneli van der Merwe.

Add in some fresh fruit, rosemary, basil leaves or whatever you choose for your personal favourite serve!

John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals

In addition to choosing wellness and alcohol bans in restaurants during Covid-19, from June 2020, the new legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers has been identified as 0%. It will now be 100% illegal for motorists to drink and drive.

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