Pimville Gin
Pimville Gin, Africa’s leading Soweto inspired drink, has launched its signature range countrywide to share the story of its heritage with more South Africans.

After working endlessly to merge the concepts of gin and Soweto, founder, Francois Bezuidenhout, is ready to expand the Pimville Gin range to the rest of South Africa.

Made in small batches, the gin is carefully crafted with close, personal attention by Pimville’s team to ensure its world-class quality and blend of distinct African fruit flavours. Its story entails more than just the everyday distilling discovery and trails back to the 19th century.

Pimville Gin

The gin celebrates the courage and the unmistakable fighting spirit of those who sought freedom. In 1934, the town of Pimville, initially known as Kliptown, was one of the first landmarks in South Africa to be recognised an informal settlement. Kliptown was renamed Pimville, after James Howard Pim, an English immigrant who was involved in municipal affairs and contributed towards charitable causes. Pim relocated from Ireland to Johannesburg in the 1800s and was instrumental in developing a ‘model village’ for South Africans who resided in this region. The iconic renaming of Pimville lead to the area’s expansion, and shaped Soweto as we know it today. Pimville serves as an expression of acknowledgment of the hope bore by the people of Soweto to build a better future for all South Africans.

“We wanted to create something South Africans can resonate with and appreciate a truly African drink that commemorates those who strove for independence and freedom,” says Bezuidenhout. “The gin is dedicated to the people of Soweto, and is made for sharing among Africans.”

The gin’s African roots are further distinguished with its marula and baobab fruit-infused flavour profile. Following a refreshing dry sting at the first sip, the gin provides a taste sensation that is levelled with a smooth, absorbent aftertaste of complex extracts. With its artful blend mix of fruits that hail from the miombo woodlands of southern Africa and the Mpumalanga midlands, Pimville gin makes for the ideal drink that reminds of the continent’s unique landscape. Enjoy the gin in its purest form over ice or combine it with your favourite mix on any occasion.

The 750ml Pimville Gin bottle is available for approximately R399. For online orders, visit www.pimvillegin.com and www.takealot.com

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