Mungo Aegean Towel

Planting a seed

This isn’t just a new towel, made from 100% organic cotton. It’s the first step in Mungo’s commitment to purchasing all our cotton from organic sources.

Mungo Aegean Towel

“It is a survival imperative for our species that we do things differently, that we dig into and look through the myriad issues facing us as individuals, and as businesses.

Buzzwords like sustainability, transparency and authenticity have become reductive and are starting to lose their meaning. We’ve pretty much made up our minds that if we ever use these words in an effort to sum up our story, we will outsource our marketing to an agency and go to an ashram to meditate on our sins. Perhaps we should be using words like regeneretive and circular?

Anyway, I digress.

We really feel it is our responsibility as a manufacturer to use the most sustainable raw materials available. I can tell you all about why organically grown cotton is better than industrially grown cotton. I can try and sell it to you, but I shouldn’t have to.”


Mungo Aegean Towel

“As part of our ongoing pursuit to reduce our environmental impact, we embarked on our own odyssey, so to speak. A trip to the Greek Island of Ithaca last year entailed a detour via Turkey to visit Egedeniz – the first Turkish cotton company to achieve organic certification. They are strong supporters of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so we feel an alignment with both their ethos and production practices. For us, going organic presents an opportunity to play our role in the textile industry’s much needed transformation.”


“I wanted to design a towel that is both contemporary and classic. The Aegean towel combines two weaves: the honeycomb adds dimension and absorbency, while the diamond weave creates character and interest. Working with organic cotton has been a first for me too. I’ve found it to be much softer than conventionally grown cotton.

Being handpicked ensures that the fibers don’t get weakened or broken and retain their long-staple form. The result is a softer towel with a lofty and lightweight handle.”


Mungo Aegean Towel


Farmed for nearly 6000 years, cotton is a natural fibre that touches most of us every day. Alarmingly, today only 1% of global cotton production is organic.

This year, we’ve chosen to shift away from using conventionally grown cotton with its knock on negative social and environmental effects, towards using only GOTS-certified organic cotton.

This video shows the first steps of that journey. In doing this we hope to prove to South African farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and the general public that there is a demand for organic textiles. We hope that this will inspire local farmers to adopt organic growing practices in the future.

The more people who cotton on, the more collective power we have to increase that percentage.

The Aegean Towel

Mungo Aegean Towel

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