Leading up to Halloween, Backsberg challenged 7 lifestyle influencers to recreate a spooky sangria-inspired cocktail recipe developed by foodie influencer, Nita West (@nita.west).

Each influencer received a special box containing the ingredients to make a Halloween Sangria. Ingredients included a bottle of Backsberg Merlot, a bottle of Backsberg Sydney Back Brandy as well as ginger ale, juice, decorations and spices.

Participants were given one week to recreate the cocktail recipe and post a picture of it on Instagram for judging. Entries were judged on creativity, presentation and effort, with the help from the public, who voted for their favourites.

All participants went above and beyond in the effort they put into their cocktail creations, but Backsberg’s overall winners are as follows:

Winner: Simone Kruger | @ypapaya

@ypapaya – Simone Kruger


Second Place: Paige Rigby | @the_wine_paige

@the_wine_paige – Paige Rigby


Third Place: Lisa Georgiades | @polkadotsnwine

@polkadotsnwine – Lisa Georgiades

And the winning voter? That’s @belinda_richter. Both Belinda and Simone will receive a mixed case of Backsberg wine while the runner-ups will be popping open a bottle of Backsberg bubbly in celebration.

Here are some of the other fantastic entries:

@audaciously_sels – Selina Mutale


@cookingwithfuni – Lufuno Sinthumule


Backsberg-Halloween-Sangria-The-Wine-Fox – Nicola Nelson


@thewinegirlcapetown – Leanne Beattie


Thank you to all those who participated! We wish you a truly mischievous and magical Halloween ahead.

Nita West’s Recipe

1 bottle of Backsberg Merlot (750ml)
½ cup of Backsberg Sydney Back brandy
400 ml Ginger ale
½ cup orange juice (changed the ¼ cup to ½ cup when I tasted)
½ cup spiced simple syrup – boil 2 cups of water with 1 cup of sugar, cinnamon, star anise, clove, nutmeg, ginger (or other spices as desired)
½ lemon squeezed in simple syrup once cooled 

Cool your simple syrup, measure amounts needed and mix all the ingredients.  Chill for 2-4 hours and garnish with apple or orange slices.