Salsify at Roundhouse

Sundays in the mother of all cities are about to get even more delicious with news that Chef Ryan Cole of Salsify at The Roundhouse is to launch Salsify Sundays.

Overlooking the cerulean vistas of the ocean, Salsify’s enviable location suits Ryan perfectly. Having grown up in a fishing household, the ocean was an integral part of his childhood. The fishing lifestyle is a pragmatic one, an everyday job, and the Sunday lunch tradition was never a staple in the Cole family.

“We never really had a family that was into Sunday lunches. My mother was also never really a good cook, so we more looked forward to the homemade Swiss roll,” he laughs.

Thus, the concept behind Salsify’s Sunday Lunch was born not from a memory as much as a re-imagination, inspired by the notion of the perfect Sunday.

I want Salsify’s Sundays to be a call to gather, to laugh, to enjoy! It’s about celebrating friends, family, food, and unity.”

Ryan aims to arouse a memory in some, rouse an ideal in others, and create the idyllic for everyone. A comfortable, relaxed and tranquil experience awaits you, with the sounds of laughter, delight and pleasure permeating the air around you.

Salsify’s Sunday Lunch offers a five-course menu, with or without a wine pairing, featuring starters including Fire-Roasted Pumpkin Bread with lovage butter and pumpkin seed crumb, Beef Tartar and a Salsify fish braai, mains including Roast Baby Chicken with bread sauce dumplings, and Beef Fillet with onion tarte tatin and roast carrot, and desserts of decadent Dark Chocolate Soufflé with a yoghurt sorbet and, of course, Ryan’s Passionfruit Swiss Roll, a gastronomic take on his childhood favourite.

The wine pairing option is a veritable feast of its own. Presenting a “Magnum fiesta”, Salsify offers a selection of notable wines and vintages, many served from marvellous magnums.

Salsify at The Roundhouse is situated on Round House Road, Camps Bay. Bookings available online via with tables for 2-8 guests.

The Salsify Sunday Menu launches on Sunday 25 August. The menu is priced at R695 per person for the lunch with an additional R550 for the wine pairing option.

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