Silhouette by Shimansky

Celebrating the wearer, a woman – the new Silhouette collection is inspired by the mesmerising curves of the female form. “Silhouette is a minimalist study – elegant, contemporary, distinctive and different by design,” says CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky. The clean lines of the iconic design are shaped to mimic and honour the elegant contour of the female body. 

A ring is the definition for an opportunity to combine flair and ingenuity with the Shimansky brand’s signature style to create something dazzlingly unconventional, and truly special. Silhouette is available in warm rose gold, pure yellow gold and striking white gold, crowned with ethically sourced and GIA-certified Shimansky diamonds – or in simple, but subtly stylish unadorned bands.

A Shimansky jewellery item captures the essence of a moment, a beautiful landmark for a memorable occasion. It’s also a timeless piece that could be handed down through generations, gathering evolving stories and memories as it changes hands. “A jewellery creation lives forever, making it the perfect gift to reflect meaning and emotion. There is more to jewellery than a beautiful design, and it is the way it makes you feel, that gives it its true value,” says Shimansky.

Experience the subtle curves of the Silhouette Collection at the Shimansky Showroom on New York’s iconic 5th Avenue, or at any of our impeccable showrooms across South Africa.

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