Dimension Oil on Canvas Corne Theron

Cornè Theron is a South African contemporary figurative artist who currently spends time in France for artistic inspiration and to develop her creative process even further.

‘As an artist I am by default sensitive to my surroundings and the influences around me.

I like to take time to internalise a theme, to explore it mentally and to collect subconscious snapshots. Those snapshots are then arranged into a narrative and for that I like to do research and collect many different angles on a theme and refine it until it makes sense to me.’ states Cornè Theron.

The beauty of the creative process is the most important for this artist.The paintings of Cornè Theron have been shown very successfully in 2018 and 2019 at various group exhibitions and art fairs in Europe and the US. Her first international solo exhibition is in the planning for 2020.

Representing her work for several years and working closely with her, we are pleased to present and offer the following four new artworks by Cornè Theron.

Extend Oil on Canvas Corne Theron

Facet Oil on Canvas Corne Theron

Release Oil on Canvas Corne Theron

Please email barbara@opulentliving.co.za to enquire.