Infinity by Shimansky: an innovative, restive take on the meaning of forever 

The new Infinity collection celebrates your endless love and everlasting memories, it’s an innovative design with a timeless message. The individual, double and treble bands intertwine in an endless loop, with the option to complement the infinite with the most timeless of gemstones – magnificent South African diamonds. Each unique design is available in a wide variety of South Africa’s finest metals; 18K gold and platinum.

The endless pursuit of perfection: Shimansky continues to deliver the best 

Whether it’s an engagement, an anniversary, a special milestone, or a “just because” celebration, life is never short of meaningful moments. We aspire for our jewellery to be worn by people who understand the special moments in their life, worldwide. When it comes to our designs, the quest for perfection is never-ending. And with our new showroom on 5th avenue in New York, we believe that the best is yet to come.

Unlike any other jeweller in the world, Shimansky cuts and polishes each unique design in-house to ensure you receive the best quality creation. Witness our skilful craftsmen transform rough diamonds into mesmerising polished signature designs. Located in the heart of Cape Town, our diamond workshop offers local and international visitors alike, a remarkable journey of a diamond – from mine to finger.

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