Cartier Magnitude

In Magnitude, the new high jewellery collection by Cartier, materials collide in a marriage of precious stones and ornamental hard stones rarely seen in high jewellery. An unexpected encounter, a stylistic feature steeped in character that balances technique with creative flair, updated by Cartier time and again since the early 20th century.

In Magnitude, Cartier brings together with bold, creative panache materials that were never meant to meet. Diamond allows rutilated quartz to sparkle; sapphire shines alongside matrix opal; emerald gleams next to rock crystal, and pink diamond is coupled with morganite and coral. Side by side the gems converse in a dialogue that flits between opacity and transparency, the mineral and the precious, pure colours and shimmering nuances, earth and light.

Original form, landscaped material, primary colours, varied nuances: the design translates the power of confrontation through an interplay of lines, ruptured rhythms and flowing movements. Light flashes from stones that bear the memory of the world. From this glittering collision, rippling rays of light project the force of the origins into the future.

A new phase in Cartier’s stylistic adventure unfolds.



For the pendant of this pink gold necklace, Cartier has selected a golden brown rutilated quartz. A striking gem of handsome density and mysterious material, it fascinates by its warm colours and effects of transparency and depth. Articulated tassels arranged in a sunray motif around the cabochon unleash the sun-drenched dazzle of the inclusions.

The piece curves yet is spiky. Opposites are magnified, contrasted. The round central stone is complemented by the needles woven within. Sweet beads of morganite counter jagged diamond set with onyx edges.

The colour palette is cheered by touches of coral and pink diamonds, while onyx punctuates the relief and creates perspective.

This fully articulated piece is delicate and fluid in the hand. With clean lines and a lightweight feel, subtraction is an integral part of the composition.


This necklace is structured around a striking ensemble of seven round-shaped Colombian emeralds. Cartier jewellers have nestled these famously delicate gems inside levelled rock crystal motifs. Emerald meets its perfect match with rock crystal as the two collide in rippling reverberation. Against the skin, the reverse of the rock crystal section is faceted throughout. This technique – a jeweller’s secret – is invisible to the eye but adds to the sparkle of the emeralds.

The geometry and optical illusions of the design borrow from the codes of kinetic art, from contrasting colours to the skilful use of transparency. Green and black is a signature Cartier colour pairing. Here onyx functions as a graphic signal, a punctuation mark around the

emeralds, on quartz or diamonds. The repetition of the motifs and the stones induces a rhythm that ricochets, rebounds, never stops.

The pendant of the necklace may be removed and worn as a brooch or on a chain in the tradition of transformable pieces by the Maison. As always at Cartier, back and front have the same force: an additional pendant can be found at the clasp on the back.



Within a nebula of yellow, orange and white diamonds, orange-toned yellow sapphire and lapis lazuli, an entire universe by Cartier unfurls.

Pure blue and harmonies of yellow are arranged in stark bursts of colour around the central sapphire whose sparkle illuminates the whole piece. This stone is the sun. With a striking intensity of colour and octagonal shape, it is the radiant light source to a mesh of coloured diamonds that is fully articulated and supple.

The yellow, orange and white diamonds meanwhile are the stars in this entirely openwork lacy constellation that twinkles upon the skin.

In this creation Cartier brings together a rare ensemble of lapis lazuli beads whose homogeneous substance is troubled, yet enhanced, by sprinklings of pyrite dust.

Lapis lazuli, of course, is the deep blue of space and the starry night sky.



In this necklace, Cartier captures the variations of the sun in a palette of diamonds ranging from golden yellow to brown. The large number of cuts, rich colours of the stones and shimmering tones all amplify the dazzling effect. The graphic lines of the design accentuate the radiant effect of this solar necklace.

Crafted with subtle refinement, the piece is articulated to create additional fluidity and mobility.

A powerful creative vision has inspired this incontrovertible demonstration of High Jewellery expertise.



Cartier has chosen to place at the centre of this secret watch a cabochon-cut rutilated quartz laden with inclusions. Selected for its intense radiance, honeyed tones and cabochon curve, the translucent stone is flanked by kite-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds. Traversed with strands of light, the stone gleams with life that sparkles over rows of diamonds across the cuff.

The generous sun-drenched, organic material of the stone contrasts with the order of complex graphic motifs composed of diamonds – an allusion to white bracelets in the Art Deco style.

At the touch of a tiny button the cover opens halfway; it is then lifted up to reveal the watch dial. This two-phase mechanism – a detail for connoisseurs – is one of the signatures of the Maison. Tense, rhythmic and dynamic: the concentrated brilliance of the gem illuminates the entire composition.



Blue and purple sapphire, garnets and diamonds compose the material-landscape of the bracelet. At its centre is a 77.27-carat matrix opal.

The evocative power of this fascinating gem sets the tone for the whole creation, from the choice of materials to the choice of colours. Rocky brown, aquatic and icy blues and flashes of purple make for harmonies of earthy colours with a hint of electricity. Fused together in the central stone, the tones diffuse across the bracelet. Adding to the potent colours and contrasts is the evocative power of the cuts: round, faceted, fleshy briolettes; the glittering frosty bite of the geometric motifs in diamonds.  This mobile, animated piece is an impressive feat of jewellery – a world worn preciously upon the wrist.