Zuki Matamo Massage

After a long day or week, head over to Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay and treat yourself to a rejuvenating Xhosa massage from Zuki Matamo.

Whether you have a stiff neck, heavy shoulders or painful feet, Zuki is sure to take care of it with her famous Xhosa massage. Trust us; you’re sure to feel relaxed thereafter. Known as ‘the lady with the magic hands’, Zuki was once the personal masseuse to the late President Nelson Mandela. An impressive endorsement and with over seven years’ experience, rest assured you’re in good hands.

However, you won’t just walk out with a relaxed body. Zuki also offers an amazing range of natural products. From soya wax candles and Shea butters to massage and bath oils, everything you need to repose.

So whenever you’re hopping around at Bay Harbour Market again, make sure to pay Zuki’s Massage and Body Care a visit to check out her broad product range. Even better, why don’t you sit down for a Xhosa massage?

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