The African Design Collection

Distinctively a product of Africa, Amarula is the result of people and the environment working together. These roots connect Amarula to the spirited people of Africa, and the brand proudly celebrates this rich, exotic continent that lives by its own vibrant pulse.

Maija-Liina Hansen-Chipps, Global Development Manager of Amarula, says that this is the motivation behind their latest collaboration with talented designers and artists from the four corners of Africa to create a limited edition North-East-South-West African Range, called The African Design Collection, which launched exclusively in Global Travel Retail in October 2018.

“Amarula seeks to open up the world to the energy and originality of Africa’s artists. They are not followers. The brand is working with real leaders and trendsetters, challengers of the status quo, and those whose hearts beat for Africa,” says Hansen-Chipps.

Providing a platform to showcase the local artists and their premium craftsmanship to inspire the world, the design themes of the North-East-South-West African Range will include fashion garments, art, textile and jewellery design.

The design inspiration for each of the four bottles will explore the rich cultural diversity of Africa. The North African bottle, inspired by Egyptian fashion designer, Amna Elshandaweely, is influenced by the blending of different and bold African cultures and customs, while the East African bottle reflects the work of Kenyan Kate Mayeye, CEO of African Fabric & Designs Kenya Ltd., expresses an aesthetic blend of true African authenticity.

Then there’s the South African bottle, which showcases Siphathisiwe Hlongwane, Director and Founder of Inkaturah, and reflects an elegant and sophisticated African sensibility, and finally, the West African bottle inspiration, by Nigerian Olubunmi Adeyemi, founder of AFROMINIMA™, depicts a refreshing and contemporary expression of Afro minimalism.

Like Amarula, they are all made from Africa, says Hansen-Chipps. “The brand and artists are tightly intertwined in this collaboration, and it was critical that the artists reflect Amarula’s untamed and distinctive African brand essence.

“However, the artists don’t just represent Africa and the continent through their craft; they represent Amarula too. They are doing something that is not only unique in Africa, but also on the world stage,” concludes Hansen-Chipps.

Amarula’s African Design Collection is currently available in Global Travel retail.