Dance at Dawn

From dancing and bouncing to cryotherapy and infrared therapy, this season’s health trends are the ideal combination of fitness and fun.

With summer on its way, many of us feel the need to update and refresh our exercise routines. If you’re looking for something new, consider one of this season’s fitness trends. Whether you’re looking for an energetic workout, a way to spend more time outside, or an innovative way to recover from strenuous exercise, take a look at the activities that are currently gaining traction in the world of wellness.

Dance at Dawn

Originally started in Zambia, Secret Sunrise has become a global movement and platform where everyone is invited to dance and celebrate the sunrise, from South Africa and Bali to Australia and Ibiza. The venue is generally kept a secret until just before the event, and at the session, everyone is given wireless headphones and encouraged to move in any way they like. The sessions are held at spots like St James, Noordhoek beach, and Deer Park, and sometimes include silent yoga and guided meditations. With a strong focus on celebration and connection, the events are fun and healthy — is there any better way to start the day than by dancing at dawn on one of Cape Town’s most beautiful beaches? Keep an eye on to find upcoming events.


Get Fit Outside

With spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to swap the gym for the outdoors. While group boot camps have been around for a while, they continue to grow in popularity, particularly in cities like Cape Town, where the setting is perfect for outside activities. Adventure Boot Camp runs programmes for women that include fitness instructions, nutritional counselling, and motivational training — each day’s training is different, so there’s a lot of variety, from cardio and toning exercises to pilates and circuit training. The best part? The sessions are held outdoors in a range of pretty spots — think Kirstenbosch Gardens, Green Point Urban Park, and the Western Province Cricket Club in Rondebosch. With a mountain backdrop and a healthy dose of fresh air, staying motivated is just that much easier! Check out to see when the next programme begins.


Beat the Rush

If you’re keen to embrace your inner child, consider one of this year’s hottest fitness trends — trampolining. While it might sound like an excuse to play, there are some considerable health benefits to bouncing around. In fact, studies conducted by NASA recently found that jumping on a trampoline is around 68 per cent more effective than jogging for the same amount of time. Plus, it’s much easier and helps to develop strength, improve balance, and it releases endorphins!


To give it a try, visit Rush in Claremont. They run Rush Fit trampoline fitness training sessions, where you can choose from tailored cardio-based classes, HIIT training, or classes with a focus on balance, coordination and flexibility. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider the Flip Out class, which teaches the skills for twisting, flipping, and wall walking! Have a look at to see the class schedule.

Find a New Way to Recover

Passive recovery techniques are among 2018’s wellness trends, one of the most popular of which is infrared thermal therapy. Infrared works by stimulating circulation, boosting the body’s ability to repair itself, and detoxifying the body, and infrared saunas can now be found at a number of spas and wellness centres in Cape Town, including The Institute of Healthy Ageing ( in Sea Point. Yemaya Spa (, also in Sea Point, offers infrared thermal therapy with the use of an infrared blanket — it works by heating the whole body, and helps to speed up metabolism and reduce inflammation — an ideal way to recover post-workout.

Spa recovery

Cryotherapy, on the other hand, involves the use of very cold temperatures to help manage pain, reduce inflammation, and increase cell survival. During the treatment, the body is exposed to liquid nitrogen vapour, which ranges from -120˚ and -160˚. The extreme cold causes a physiological response and helps improve recovery time after exercise. Cryoliving in Plumstead offers whole body cryotherapy as well as cryofacials, which help to stimulate collagen production, improve circulation and reduce puffiness. Have a look at to find out more.