Bureaux_Garden Indoor Gardens

Text Mandy Allen
Styling Sven Alberding
Photographs Greg Cox
Location Shot at Babylonstoren

Naturally beguiling, low-maintenance and with a myriad of species to pick from – it’s little wonder that plants are the botanical must-haves du jour, offering a modern spin on greening up your interiors… most of which are water-savvy too.

The Greenhouse Effect

Idea  Dark walls, a monochrome palette and the absence of frivolous decoration have been selectively chosen to allow the greenery to make a statement in this space. A mid-century modern coffee table and graphic rug pay homage to retro style, though the prevailing mood is clean and contemporary.

The Gathering

Idea  In a large open-plan zone, a grouping of greenery creates focus. A mix-and-match assortment of complimentary clear glass vessels extends from the table onto the floor, adding a diaphanous weightlessness to the display. Several coloured containers add vibrant highlights. The predominance of white, nude wood and organic textures also helps to extend the sense of serenity – the bonus of this industrial interior being an abundance of natural light. Unruly creeping plants set against a wall enhance the idea of the urban jungle and nature being given free reign in a man-made setting.

Bureaux_Garden Indoor Gardens

Living Screen

Idea A personalised and inviting way to define different zones in an open-plan area is by using plants instead of solid structures. The juxtaposition of precise geometric lines (the
shelving units and coffee table) with lush plants escaping their containers as well as on-trend hanging plants, imbues this modern space with a bohemian, almost mysterious, quality.

Bureaux_Garden Indoor Gardens

Light Work

Idea  Greenery creates an organic focal point in this home office environment, encouraging creativity while enhancing a sense of calm. Taking its cue from the plants, the space feels decorated but without the usual distractions of decorative objects, overtly bright colours and clutter.

How To  Attach small to medium-size air plants to the wall using Prestik, washi tape or small pieces of double-side tape (the latter may damage your paint if you want to take down the display). Alternatively, if you don’t want to fix the plants to the wall directly, tie your air plants – at various heights and intervals – onto an organic piece of driftwood or bamboo using transparent fishing gut and make a mobile, then hang against the wall using hooks, picture nails or a simple curtain rail or copper pipe. Additional air plants can be displayed in contemporary vases or vessels.

Bureaux_Garden Indoor Gardens

Rainbow Connection

Idea  Create an area of focus in a space with an installation of hanging macramé plant holders in various designs. When creating an installation of any kind, put careful thought into the composition of colour, layering and placement: in this case a palette that’s bang up to date, plant holders suspended at different heights, additional hand finished texture in the form of crackle-glaze pots as well as a display of vessels and vases, some in shades and materials that harmonize and others that create a slight visual contrast.

Bureaux_Garden Indoor Gardens

Hanging Gardens

Idea  A configuration of air plants suspended above the bathtub is an exotic and ever evolving art installation. Don’t limit the idea of layering to your soft furnishings and colour palette: air plants are complemented by other tropical species such as flowering orchids and citrus blossoms with their intensely coloured leaves, so intersperse these for a dramatic display. A woven basket also makes a whimsical living display when draped with air plants.

How  To Hook screws are easily hung from the ceiling: secure lightweight air plants with transparent fishing gut for an ethereal effct and display the heavier species on window sills and flat surfaces.

Bureaux_Garden Indoor Gardens