The most anticipated bakkie has hit our shores, and it’s not from the usual suspects you’d think of. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is here, and it was well worth the wait.

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury sedans, exotic sports cars and monster (yet refined) SUV’s. One category we have not associated Merc with has been the bakkie/pick-up league. Until now.

Crazy Beautiful

This is a brand-new concept for the luxury car segment. In the beginning, it was a big deal for them to bring out SUV’s but for years now that has been the norm. Giving us a bakkie on the outside and a luxury passenger car on the inside was genius, its pure bliss, Mercedes-Benz magic at its best. The exterior design lines are smooth and sleek. The nose of the bakkie sports a typical Merc visual, like what you’d expect from the SUV’s they produce, yet stands out in a class of its own. The grille houses an oversized Mercedes-Benz symbol, just to confirm the ‘what and who’.

In the lap of luxury

The exterior is undoubtedly bakkie, but the interior, now that’s where the X-Class differentiates from the rest of the pack. As you open the door to Pandora’s box, you discover a world of treasures. Luxury, top of the range, treasures. Soft touch leather all around, typical to the 3-point star giant. There are two leather options, nut brown and black. Top of the range infotainment system with all the bells and whistles, impressive climate control, automatically adjustable seats, 360-degree parking assist camera, what more can you ask for.

The fast and the furious

This beautiful creature dishes up two powerful four-cylinder, twin-turbo engines. The X220d produces a phenomenal 120kW, and this is pushed to 140kW by the X250d. Both formidable contenders. With a top speed of 180km/h in the X250d manual, she is as fast as she is beautiful.

In the pound seat

There are 2 models in the line up for now. The X220d and the X250d, the latter comes out as a 2×4 and 4×4. Starting price clocks in at R642 103 and going up to R723 811. The X-Class comes standard with Mercedes-Benz’s PremiumDrive plan, giving you peace of mind once you sign on the dotted line and take ownership of you fancy bakkie. The plan includes a 6 year/100 000km, which you can also extend to and 8 year/180 000km maintenance plan at a small additional cost.