Nissan Patrol

I remember sitting in the back of my friend Yannick’s monster truck back in 2001 thinking to myself ‘this has to be the biggest SUV I have ever seen, let alone drive in’. The hunt for a bigger one has been on since then. Chasing the American dream but on African soil. The truck we drove, was a 2000 Nissan Patrol. That thing was a monster! Between now and then I haven’t seen many of them on the road, which is a pity, very underrated to say the least.

Up until now, that is… Nissan has spoilt us with an even bigger (and dare I say better) Patrol than ever before!

Nissan Patrol

Big Easy

The all-new Nissan Patrol is here, and it’s here to make us sit up and take note. It’s an absolute beast. It’s humongous. There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to highlight exactly how big it is.

The design of the new Patrol has truly brought this legend into the 21st century with style. Rounded curves and smooth blended-in wheel arches highlight the exterior.

Nissan Patrol

Take a step inside

Inside the Patrol is sheer luxury. More so than you would expect of a car that’s main reputation is centred around its impressive off-roading capabilities. You’ll be greeted with soft leather finishes. The centre console holds a touchscreen multimedia system that’s backed up by Bose®.

Nissan Patrol

Featuring no less than 13 speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier. Here you can literally let the beat drop! Catering to a bigger crowd the Patrol sports a total of 7 seats. With class-leading knee room for the back seat and back-back seat drivers, you will have a full house of happy people all around.

Another feature worth mentioning, and yes, I refer to this as a feature as very many motoring brands drop the ball here, the Patrol boasts an impressive 9 cup holders as well as 4 bottle holders, oh and did I mention the built-in mini fridge?!

Nissan Patrol

Off-road deluxe

Circa 1951 is where the magic started for Nissan with their first Patrol. Over the years it became notorious for its off-roading capabilities. Creating a reputation for itself for being a real deal off-roader. Today is no different. As much as the Patrol has had a facelift and has become appealing to an opulent high-end market, it hasn’t forgotten where it comes from.

It still very much rules the road less travelled with its All-Mode 4wheel drive system. The 5.6l V8 petrol engine kicks out an impressive 298Kw and 560Nm of torque turning any treacherous road into a ‘challenge accepted moment’. The brains driving this motor is a 7-speed auto gearbox. She is rather thirsty though, but don’t fear, with a 140l petrol tank you won’t be left high and dry in the middle of nowhere.

Nissan Patrol

Put your money where your mouth is

Getting the Patrol in your driveway is not going to come cheap. But as we all know cheap thrills don’t last. We want to create memories. We want to be comfortable. We strive for the finer things in life, and with that comes a price tag, even though in my opinion the Patrol is priceless.

The new Nissan Patrol will cost you R1 299 000.00. It comes standard with Nissan Assured and has a 6 year/150 000km warranty coupled with a 3 year /90 000km comprehensive service plan.