Waterfront Stay V&A Waterfront Apartment

Sam Muir, head architect and owner of MINC has transformed the Waterfront Stay’s holiday apartments at the V&A Waterfront and Granger Bay. She wanted a comfortable vibe that was still luxurious, with some “South African flavour kept contemporary.” Her aim? To create warmth and soul with personality – a home away from home.

Waiting for the sun

Waterfront Stay V&A Waterfront Apartment

“We used a neutral palette as a base, with a balance of clean lines, textures and natural materials. We layered this with texture and points of interest like art and accessories that reflect Cape Town in a non-tourist way!” Moody blues, petrol-greys and charcoals tie in with the ever-changing views from each apartment overlooking the ocean, canals or yacht club.

Rise on the vertical

Clean lines and squares are used to create simplicity. Vertical lines from the oversized indigenous planter contrast with box frames in the background drawing the eye upwards. There’s a focus on furniture, artwork and accessories from local designers. The Nguni coat hooks are by Vogel Design.

Horizontal in the kitchen

Clean, simple and ultra modern with a muted multi-toned palette and sweeping horizontal lines emphasising open space. This is pure holiday style ­– quiet and glamorous.

Waterfront Stay V&A Waterfront Apartment

Where to sit?

Look how an inconspicuous wall becomes an integrated, functional workspace with an oversized mirror that imitates a doorway. The furniture is by LIM and the mirror, Dark Horse.

Karoo tuin

Keeping it sweetly South African with framed photographic prints by Clinton Friedman whose passion for nature bears influence on the varied Karoo style colours. “Each space has a layered effect to give texture and the feeling of comfort and wellbeing”, says Sam.

Waterfront Stay V&A Waterfront Apartment

Keeping the balance

Combining shapes has a powerful effect on design. The eye is drawn to such a strong pairing between circle and rectangle that little personal effects, such as a beach bag or a sentimental frond are at home in the simplicity.

All in one

Shape, texture, space and form were key design elements. A Fibre Design rug delineates the space between bedroom and bathroom and the furnishings are big on comfort. Plush bedding, a standalone tub, textured rattan seating and a heated towel rail spell luxury.

Waterfront Stay V&A Waterfront Apartment

Keeping the balance

The power of pairing and matching items can never be underestimated in the search for balance. Note the big loop in the chunky knit blanket that brings textured style, layered over crisp linen. The design is in the detail.

Let’s go outside

Contemporary holiday living at its best with easy lounging and lots of practical space for eating and drinking in an intimate setting.

Waterfront Stay V&A Waterfront Apartment


About Sam

Architect Sam Muir has a passion for interior spaces and her architecture. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2004 and has worked for The Paragon Architect Group & Metropolis Design before opening up her own interior design practice, MINC, in 2009.

Neutrals – where to start?

Sam suggests focusing on large pieces of furniture first – use this as your foundation or starting block.

“Use a neutral fabric with simple, clean lines. Add interest using colour and texture in the accessories and smalls. You can always mix them up, but it’s costlier to change a sofa!”


Architect & Interior Designer: Sam Muir, MINC
Photographer: Adam Letch