My Dog and I by Christine Crowley

The three artists featured in our latest issue (Winter 2018) have vastly different styles, all of which however create artwork that pivots on themes of perception. These artists’ striking compositions compel us to take a step back (literally and figuratively) and view them through the subjective filter of the artist’s mind.

Christine Crowley

Wetlands by Christine Crowley

Christine Crowley is a contemporary fine artist based in Cape Town. She grew up in York in the north of England, where she studied at the York School of Art, before completing her formal education at the Guildford & Farnham Schools of Art.

In her paintings, Christine essentially expresses how she perceives and experiences scenes, people, objects, and events. As such, her artwork is a wholly subjective depiction of emotion and perspective that (using a limited palette) favours a combination of depth, contrast, brush strokes, and line work as its emotive language.

Christine’s style is difficult to pinpoint, swaying between contemporary figurative and abstract figurative. Her latest artwork, however, has turned more towards abstract expressionism, consisting of a bright and intriguing collection of colour fragments and shapes. Her paintings do feature discernible figures, but these are seen emerging from haphazard colours and shapes, rather than constituting a dominant focal point.

Child of Africa by Christine Crowley

Christine’s work can be found at the StateoftheART Gallery in Buitenkant Street, Cape Town