Following the success of JAN, his début television show, South African Michelin-star chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, is launching a brand-new, bi-annual luxury publication called, JAN the JOURNAL on 9 May 2018.

Like Jan Hendrik’s bestselling recipe books, the JOURNAL is a visual feast: part coffee-table cookbook, part luxury lifestyle magazine and travelogue. Over more than 250 pages, the
JOURNAL takes the reader on an epicurean voyage of discovery, exploring the big wide world of what we eat and where it comes from, with a special focus on South African ingredients and recipes. And with over 50 recipes in this epic volume, the JOURNAL promises to be the culinary event of the year. 

“Nothing celebrates life like the act of dining. Setting a table with flowers and candles for the sole purpose of gathering together allows us to reflect on everything that is beautiful about life. I want the Journal to reawaken our curiosity about food and where it comes from. I invite everyone to go on this journey with me, dining to honour the life of food, because everything should lead back to the table.” ~ Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Starting his own magazine has been one of Jan Hendrik’s lifelong dreams. From devouring
his mother’s magazines as a child to his work with Jackie Burger during her time at Elle, South Africa (and his subsequent stint as intern at Elle in Paris), food, photography and publishing have all played an inseparable part in Jan Hendrik’s diverse career.

In the début issue of JAN the JOURNAL, Jan Hendrik reveals the recipes behind some of his
most innovative creations, served at Michelin-star Restaurant JAN in France and featured on his television show. The JOURNAL is a beautiful, modern publication, printed on exquisite quality paper by South Africa’s leading art book printers. And with only two issues released every year, it is highly collectable, driven by the value of its timeless and inspiring content.

Jan the Journal woolies

Through a collection of breathtaking, original images, stories, profles and recipes, the JOURNAL transports the epicurious reader, illuminating and informing them about Jan Hendrik’s world of food. JAN the JOURNAL will be available at Woolworths nationwide and online at www.janhendrik.com.

For more information, visit the website or contact Hanfred Rauch at hanfred@janhendrik.com.