Sorris Sorris Lodge

A spectacular luxury lodge welcomes guests with its minimalist Scandinavian design and décor. A sight for sore eyes and a heavenly sanctuary.

South central Namibian territory is home to the luxury Sorris Sorris Lodge, located in the Sorris Sorris concession overlooking the Ugab River and the Brandberg Massif. Deep gulley’s and curious granite koppies from prehistoric times afford views of ancient valleys and distant peaks. Built in a rugged and rocky desert landscape against dramatic Damaraland skies the architecture and interior design of this desert lodge is by Greg Scott and Federico Pastor of Greg Wright Architects in Cape Town.

Sorris Sorris Lodge

Desert outlook

The main lodge connects outwards to nine spacious guest rooms via a network of wooden walkways raised above rocky outcrops overlooking the vast desert. Each room is an independent structure, perfectly situated at a comfortable distance from the main lodge, private enough to enjoy the vast peace of the desert without forfeiting any modern conveniences.

“The lodge is a place where solitude is sought and welcomed, so it wouldn’t have made sense to have guest’s rooms too close to each other.” says Greg.

Room with a view

Clad in red desert stone and insulated against the hot midday sun and cooler desert nights, the architecture is inspired by the earth it is situated on. “We built with rammed earth, so literally we used sand that was on the ground and built it into walls” explains Greg.  A Nordic influence favours pale-coloured walls and flooring and spaces that are free from clutter. The rooms are multi-functional and practical with a stark look that’s still inviting. Organic furniture, rugs and towels soften the look and the gentle tones of sage and white linen give an airy cool feel.

Sorris Sorris Lodge

The hub

Panoramic windows fold back emphasising open spaces with seating in the lodge’s hallmark pale wood. Clean, horizontal lines complement the décor with a well-considered respect for the natural beauty of the landscape. The long, simple lines of the deck run lengthways emphasising the vastness of space. Tables and chairs were designed in collaboration with David Krynauw with the timber frames and structure of the pieces reminiscent of animal bones and carcasses in a desert landscape.

A welcomed sight

The V-shaped swimming pool complements the architectural angles of the lodge, offering guests a chance to focus on the vast landscape while cooling off. Wooden decking serves to absorb extreme heat, offering heat relief.

Sorris Sorris Lodge

Fire nights

A circular fire pit designed on a wooden panhandle brings people together with plush circular seating, perfect for cold desert nights. The 360° views are ideal for game viewing and stargazing.

Sorris Sorris Lodge

Cooling off

The open-plan bathroom raised up behind the bedroom has a large single basin, built into the headboard behind the bed. A bath in front of frosted glass sliding doors can be opened onto a private outdoor paved area at the back with a separate toilet cubicle and thrilling rain shower behind a frosted glass screen. The bathroom is an outdoor/indoor experience, versatile enough to accommodate volatile desert temperatures.

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Principal Architect: Greg Scott
Project Architect: Federico Pastor
Photographer: Timo Denijs