Derric van Rensburg

Derric van Rensburg is an incredibly talented South African artist with a vision of evoking a visceral sense of his subjects’ beauty. This beauty, as much as it is inspired by physical reality, transcends the tangible, revealing the celebration of colour and dynamic form beneath.

Derric van Rensburg, a name well-recognised in both the local and international art scenes, is without a doubt one of South Africa’s top impressionist painters. His unique style is flamboyantly colourful, yet set within a sufficiently realistic framework so that the finished piece is an authentic impression of a vibrant and alive landscape.

Derric van Rensburg
Bokaap in the city

Derric began his career in graphic art in the commercial and manufacturing industries; however, it was only after moving to the small country town of Greyton in the Overberg in 1990 that the region’s stunning landscapes ignited his creative passions, awakening the sleeping impressionist giant within.

Derric abandons all concepts of perfection and symmetry, instead capturing the essence of the subject, as seen through his eyes and his lifetime’s patchwork quilt of experiences. Landscapes, cityscapes, people, animals, and flora are all portrayed in an authentic, yet visceral way that is brought to energetic life with the artist’s intense use of primary colours, bold brush strokes, and impressionist flair.

Derric’s work can be found at the Carmel Art Gallery in the Cape Quarter Square, Greenpoint, Cape Town