Danielle Hewlett is an incredibly talented South African artist with a vision of evoking a visceral sense of her subjects’ beauty. This beauty, as much as it is inspired by physical reality, transcends the tangible, revealing the celebration of colour and dynamic form beneath.

Having received private art lessons from the age of seven to nurture and develop her inherent talent, figurative painter and storyteller Danielle Hewlett has been immersed in art since childhood. In 1998, after matriculating from the National School of the Arts, she moved to the UK to study at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, after which she returned to home soil here in South Africa.

Perception by Danielle Hewlett

Danielle makes use of fragmented, vibrant colour to render physical form, expression, and emotion. Considering herself a storyteller, she delves deep beneath surface level; pursuing the less accessible, hidden emotions and energies that inevitably lie trapped beneath the skin. This provides the viewer with an intimate window – one composed of colour and light – on the human subject. Veering well clear of any literal and even figurative frameworks, she deconstructs the complex facets that compose the human identity, creating artwork that is a study of the individual and his or her energy, as captured in a moment.

Danielle’s work can be found at the StateoftheART Gallery in Buitenkant Street, Cape Town www.stateoftheart-gallery.com