Da Luca Prosecco

So great was the popularity of Prosecco in 2016 that there was a global shortage, but Da Luca Italian sparkling wine is here to ensure only full glasses this summer.

“Since Prosecco is easier on your pocket than Champagne, bubbles are no longer reserved for special occasions but rather seen as an everyday luxury,” said Alison Pearce, Sales and Marketing Manager for Accolade Wines, the agent for Da Luca in South Africa.

Earlier this year, a biennial study commissioned by Vinexpo showed the massive expansion of the sparkling wine market around the world over the next five years. The study, by the International Wine and Spirit Research, revealed younger drinkers were switching from easy-to-drink Rosé wines to Prosecco.

Da Luca is made using Glera grapes from Treviso, a province of the Italy’s Veneto region which is considered one of the finest sources of Prosecco. “It is a great value, low-alcohol sparkler which is fresh and fruity – think an appealing nose of lemon peel, jasmine and passion fruit leaping out of your glass,” said Pearce. “The palate is an explosion of fresh, zingy citrus and pineapple notes. With a kiss of sweetness and a clean, crisp off-dry finish, Da Luca is ideal for hot summer afternoons.”

The home of Da Luca is in Sicily, and nothing captures the Sicilian spirit and vibrancy better than the card game of Scopa. Played by families after dinner and growers among the vines, this lively, local game inspired the wine’s packaging.

“Italian wines are hot right now, and it is extremely fashionable to be drinking Prosecco,” Pearce said.

Da Luca is best served chilled at 8-12 degrees Celsius, and can be enjoyed alone, in cocktails, as a refreshing aperitif or with meals.