Roast and Co

The who’s who of Cape Town came out to play on Thursday 21st September 2017 at the launch of HQ’s sister restaurant, Roast & Co. The launch featured libation by Roast & Co.’s wine and beverage partners, a selection of canapé type samples of the restaurant’s menu, and foot-tapping live music to which the crowd ended up dancing towards the end of the evening.

The up-market venue for the new restaurant and its extravagant launch is, without a doubt spectacular with its super trendy and on point industrial décor, face brick walls, and soft lighting, all of which is the inspiration from internationally renowned Turkish Architect, Ali Kemali. As beautiful as its interior is, the stellar feature of Roast & Co. is its charming courtyard, which will offer Cape Town diners one of the city’s most romantic spots under the stars this summer!

The team behind Roast & Co. spared absolutely no expense in throwing the launch, catering to everyone’s drink and food preferences. Upon arrival, guests were treated to a welcome gin cocktail that did an excellent job of helping us slough off any social jitters. Also on offer was Stella Artois on tap, a gorgeous selection of Warwick wines, Villiera sparkling wine, and Tanqueray gin cocktails and mixers with just about any embellishment you could possibly want, including blueberries, mint, and cucumber.

Tanqueray Gin Cocktails
Tanqueray Gin Cocktails

With the drinking, conversation, and merry-making at full throttle, the kitchen sent a steady stream of bite-sized canapé samples of Roast & Co.’s menu that somehow, in spite of being exclusively about chicken, managed to deliver an outstanding variety of absolutely scrumptious dishes. You see, Roast & Co. mirrors what HQ has done, only instead of its menu revolving around steak, it’s all about chicken on the bone – upholding the philosophy that you don’t need a 10-page epic menu to cater to all of your guests’ tastes.

Roast & Co.’s culinary repertoire is healthy, wholesome, and simplistic, delivering a full, half, or quarter chicken (free-range) with a plethora of globally and, of course, locally inspired side orders, including brioche (French pastry), house pickled slaw, charred umbono (corn), pumpkin fritters, fried mac ‘n cheese, farmhouse liver pate, and baked camembert. We were lucky to sample several of these on the launch and they were devilishly moreish.

In addition to being all about chicken, the restaurant upholds a powerful commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and free-range chicken, of which as much as possible is used and as little as possible wasted. It’s a concept of sustainability that truly works and from our perspective in the crowded courtyard – wine glasses in hand, cheeks stuffed with canapés, conversation pumping, and music throbbing – the launch of the new Roast & Co. was a smashing success!

Roast and Co

Roast & Co. is open for lunch, dinner, and monthly specials.

We’re predicting this trendy space to be a buzzing hot spot this coming Summer. You won’t want to miss out! 

Address: 98 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town
Trading hours: Monday – Saturday, 12:00 – 00:00
Telephone: 021 424 6372