Casa Herradura is one of Mexico’s most historic and renowned tequila producers, releasing its finest variant in South Africa, the 100% agave ultra-premium Reposado. With a heritage of over 140 years, the tequila farm also boasts partnering with the first ever female master tequila distiller in Mexico, Maria Teresa Lara López.


Crafted by, Maria Teresa Lara López, Reposado is made from the finest blue agave, which continues to use traditional, sustainable and artisanal production methods – slowly cooking the agave hearts in traditional clay ovens and fermenting naturally with airborne wild yeast. The variant is then aged to perfection in medium-char American white oak barrels for eleven months and is double distilled. With hints of cooked agave, anise, dried fruit and spices on the nose, Reposado is sweet-smelling with a smooth finish.

The respected spirit has a credible reputation and acceptance as being the first brand to age their tequilas in wood, and is globally marketed as Reposado Tequila. This commitment to excellence has earned Herradura numerous awards, including more than sixteen gold medals for taste and quality.

Available at participating Makro, Norman Goodfellas & Checkers Liquor stores nationwide retailing from R 499.95. Herradura Tequila is enjoyed on the rocks for any occasion.

Herradura Tequila is not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.

For more information, visit Herradura Tequila Facebook page on www.facebook.com/HerraduraTequila/, follow them on Twitter @HerraduraTeq or on Instagram @HerraduraTeq