It’s every wine-lover’s ultimate fantasy: a festival in which the wine flows freely from the barrel tap, like life-giving spring water from an artesian aquifer. Well, fantasize no more because, on Saturday 2nd September, the Diemersfontein Wine Estate in Wellington will spin reality from revelry with the 15th instalment of its epically popular “Pinotage On Tap” festival.

…And there will literally be pinotage on tap.

The Best Wine Event in the World

The very original edition of Pinotage On Tap was thrown in 2003 to celebrate the popularity of the estate’s flagship wine, the Diemersfontein’s “Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage”. The party featured large barrels of free-flowing pinotage and, not surprisingly, was such a smash hit that Diemersfontein decided to do it all over again the following year…and the year after that. Today, the festival is in its 15th year running and, with several iterations of the event having popped up all over the country, it literally attracts thousands of visitors. In 2014, it was even crowned “the best wine event in the world” at the Drinks International Tourism Awards in London.

It’s that good.

So, what’s all the hype about and how can you get yourself a slice or, shall we say, a glass of the action?

Pinotage On Tap pivots on a concept that goes without rival in the wine industry: barrels of free-flowing wine that guests can drink directly from the tap. Well, not quite directly from the tap – that would be poor social etiquette – but from the tap and into your wineglass. It’s a simple concept but when you couple that with Diemersfontein’s outstandingly delicious Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage, it’s all too easy to understand why this annual event has become so incredibly popular.

But, what is great wine without great food and, in keeping with South African tradition, great music? Naturally, the Pinotage On Tap festival also features live music by well-known South African bands: “Rubber Duc”, “the Stonejets”, and “Newton & Co.” as well as an abundance of food options, all of which have been paired to compliment Diemersfontein’s decadent, and versatile pinotage.

About the Diemersfontein Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage

Nowadays, your average supermarket shelves carry a variety of “coffee/chocolate” style red wines that are so beautifully velvety and effortlessly quaffable that they leave one in serious danger of waking up with a smarting head. Well, as the name suggests, the Diemersfontein Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage is the very first of these wines and – in my humble opinion – one of the very best. A glass of this sultry libation greets the nose with a heady, rich coffee and cinnamon aroma, which it follows up, without disappointment, with even headier flavours. Yet, for all its robustness and voluptuous body, this wine is velvety and smooth, making it far too easy to enjoy in great quantities. The Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage is also incredibly versatile and can pair with a smorgasbord of foods, including powerful curries, red meat dishes, and sweet desserts.

The Details

The Pinotage On Tap festival 2017 will be taking place on Saturday 2nd September at the Diemersfontein Wine Estate in Wellington, from 12h30 to 19h00. So, book your accommodation or arrange a shuttle to and from Cape Town because, with one of South Africa’s most delectable pinotages on tap, you are not going to want to be designated driver for this one!

Tickets for the event are R295 each and must be booked and collected from Computicket beforehand.

For more information on the event, check out the Diemersfontein Wine Estate’s Events Page.