Have you dreamed of achieving a bathroom or kitchen that appears on the pages of your favourite magazine? Well the good news is that it’s possible and even better news is that there are products that have the ability to save water without compromising on your style.

Using its global resources and innovation Grohe Dawn Water Technology has incorporated water saving technology without compromising on your personal style for the fittings of your bathroom and kitchen. “The bathroom and kitchen are areas of the home that can easily be overlooked, however, when purchasing a home or embarking on updating kitchens or bathrooms these two areas can be the most costly, or influence a purchasing decision,” says Candice Gomes, Project Sales Director, Grohe Dawn Water Technology.

The best part about the technology in the Grohe Dawn water and energy saving ranges is that it is built into the products and doesn’t impact on the look or feel for you.
The importance of conserving water without compromising on your experience is very important because most often the time you spend in either the kitchen or bathroom is ‘me-time’ or family time. “We understand this and manufacture our products factoring this in mind. One example of this is our Grohe EcoJoy functionality which uses flow restricting technology to reduce water consumption (from 10 litres per minute to just over five litres per minute),” said Candice. While this is great for conserving water – it also decreases your monthly utility bills.

“Grohe Blue – a kitchen system that transforms ordinary tap water into filtered, chilled still or sparkling mineral water.”

Part of the EcoJoy technology includes toilets with stop start systems – which also allow for decreased water use when flushing. Water use and energy use i.e. electricity use go hand-in-hand and our products address this. The Grohe TurboSat ensures that when you step into a shower the temperature is the way you like it – no more shower dances from unexpected burns or the cold.

Other products in the range includes the Grohe SilkMove ES that prevents unnecessary hot water production by supplying cold water in the middle/centre position of your tap.
“While most use for water is domestic, consumers are still prone to purchasing bottled water which also has environmental implications because of its packaging. To this end we developed Grohe Blue – a kitchen system that transforms ordinary tap water into filtered, chilled still or sparkling mineral water,” adds Candice.

Lastly and probably most importantly is the importance of a credible plumber. “If you are not the ultimate DIY enthusiast and attempting to embark on a task in the home which requires a relative amount of expertise, rather invest in calling a plumber. Plumbers have the knowledge about not only the problems in sanitation and plumbing but will generally recommend the best product for your home – in line with budgetary considerations as well as any others concerns you may have, such as quality and staying up to date with the latest trends,” concludes Candice .

Now that you have all the information why not visit your nearest sanware retailer and check out our website to make your kitchen and bathroom mood boards a reality.