Bathroom Design

Bathrooms have acquired a new voice. So if you’re planning on remodelling, look no further. New design trends are experiencing a move towards health and wellness with functional creativity that’s characterful and very playful.

South African interior designer and owner of Bespoke Bathrooms, Lisa Millbacher reveals some gorgeous international bathroom tips for 2017/18. Take a look at these top trends for some extravagant design inspiration:

Bespoke BathroomsBring out the brights

A bold combination of modern and retro finishes create a dynamic atmosphere with flashes of strong colour. Interior shower panels run rebellious stripes with some rock n’ roll attitude for a look that’s fresh and unique. Interesting downward directional verticals on the colour panels offer the eye some relief from the horizontal wooden panelled ceiling and beams.

These few bold hues are used in single blocks, particularly because the bathroom is small – ideal, especially to create an eye-catching feature colour that doesn’t overwhelm the room. The shower doors are seamless, taking the eye further into the space adding a glossy, luxurious feel.

Hanging free

Floating flat-fronted cabinetry is a popular new trend. It’s fuss free with a strong visual translation that gives the effect of clinical practicality.

Duravit Unified Console System

Clean, neat edges and crisp long lines create a formal, orderly arrangement that achieves a modern feel. Pull-out storage gives an even more contemporary look, and a large panel of glass above adds a special touch of luxury.

Bathroom DesignWith the grain

Wood loves winter. Not only does it add character, but it’s a great insulator too, so it’ll help keep those steamy winter bathroom sessions warmer for longer.

Combined with sophisticated porcelain subway tiles, colourful and detailed flooring, art nouveau lamps and a glass splash-back, the look is eclectic and somewhat quirky.

Folscher Bath with FlowersThe rise and shine of light

South African designers are drawing inspiration from an abundance of natural sunshine and beautiful views now more than ever. This is evident in the generous use of natural materials such as cork, ceramics and timber to enhance the bathroom experience. Dark, glossy finishes give a rich, luxurious feeling and reflective surfaces possess magical, space-enhancing powers that make a huge difference in a bathroom.

Shine amplifies light levels and surfaces are super water-resistant and easy to clean. A small boutique hotel table placed next to the tub is the perfect bath accessory. 

Basin basics

Porcelain basins, with new innovative technology, have very thin rims so that beautiful curves can be formed to create a clear and fine design with shapes that work with vanity tops. Wooden finishes combined with a his and hers basin set are worthwhile especially since the global mega-trend of wellness-inspired bathrooms supports relaxation and being able to personalise your own space.

Bathroom Design

Centre stage

Free standing baths can be pushed against the wall for a space-saving solution but those that show a particularly beautiful exterior base or shell deserve the most prominent space in a larger bathroom.

Bathroom DesignBeautiful organic curves contrast against rectangular wooden shutters that overlook greenery and natural light. There’s a significant lack of wall tiles and grout lines with alternative solutions such as rich colour and wooden flooring that wrap together effortlessly.

Tile design

The global trend of shower toilets continues as personal hygiene plays a key role in well-being. This is another fantastic solution for bathrooms without space for a separate bidet and toilet. Continuity of wall and floor finishes such as wrapping the floor finish up the walls creates a sense of playfulness and of course, alternative flooring plays a major role.

Bathroom DesignLooking to artisanal hand-made tiles, this Moroccan/Mediterranean floor adds a startlingly brave boost of colour that is a work of art in itself. It’s a beautiful solution that adds texture and interest to an all-white bathroom. Enter the celebratory trend of coveted hand-made pieces with a once-off design that is truly the hallmark of designer style.    

A splash of drama

The tacticle, textured feeling of things gives a truly relaxing bathroom experience. Think textured wallcoverings like intensely patterned wallpaper with a strong statement design to inject life into your bathroom theme. Next year’s shades are rich and playful. Consider incorporating a bold hue from the colourway of your wallpaper and painting one wall to contrast against the pattern to create something that really stands out.

Bespoke Bathrooms

In a nutshell, bathrooms will enjoy straight lines, masonry, ceramics and lots of creative combos. Lisa sums it up, “Professionally planning and designing your space should include all aspects of design, especially working with an architectural language that is true to the existing building, with special consideration around lighting and using the space as ergonomically as possible.”

Photographs supplied by Bespoke Bathrooms & Duravit