James de Villiers

James de Villiers is well-known amongst avid art enthusiasts; many of his pieces have been displayed at various exhibitions predominantly in the Western Cape and Gauteng regions since 1985.

He gains influence by Dutch, German and Flemish masters that clearly depicts itself in his landscape, still life, portrait and skyscape paintings. “My work is concerned with change, decay, destruction and the passage of time. It also specifically deals with the vulnerability and recovery of nature.”

James is currently working on a collection that focuses a lot on thought processes, trance states and mythology, all of which will be transferred to canvas by means of a paintbrush, as well as prints using monotype and monoprint acrylic inks. Chaotic lines, grids and patterns transcend perfectly to the eye and leave your mind confused and blissfully content at the same time.

Some of James’ artwork can be found at the StateoftheART Gallery in Shortmarket Street, Cape Town www.stateoftheart-gallery.com