Makiwa Mutomba

Born in Zimbabwe, now based in South Africa, Makiwa Mutomba highlights the everyday, sometimes unnoticed, bursts of happiness in our daily lives including pieces that highlight women and children, and for diversity he adds a few wildlife pieces too.

He focuses purely on joy and intensity, and depicts them perfectly in the use of his bold and bright colours.

His passion started as a young child with simple drawings, and quickly progressed throughout the years to include oil paint variations.

Makiwa gains most of his inspiration from general happenings of life and often uses photographs to reference back to when putting paint to paper. Instead of a paintbrush he regularly refers to a palette knife where he applies thick paint lines and splotches which he then leaves to dry naturally with very little interference.

He has won several accolades throughout his career including winner-status of the SNBA, an exhibition of international artists in Paris, France.

To view some of Makiwa’s work visit The Cape Gallery in Church Street, Cape Town