Patio trends 2017

Sultry summer heat combined with chilly winter temperatures create a need for patio furniture that’s seasonal, stylish and comfortable. Indoor-outdoor living has never been more popular and for that reason alone, patio furniture’s multi-functional status is hotter than ever. Consider applying these upcoming style trends for a gorgeous update on your patio for a space where the different seasons mingle with minimal fuss.

Daring colour

The official Pantone 2017 colour trend palettes have hit the shelves, extending far beyond the floors of fashion and fabric, flourishing in the outdoor/indoor patio décor arena also. Expect beautiful shades of very pale dogwood pink, neutral hazelnut and kale green and vibrant flame orange, hot pink and vivid lapis blue, combined with primrose yellow.

Fabric fun

It’s going to be a playground for the brave sun-lover. Add your own flourish to an outdoor set and make it more personal with prints and patterns for detail and colourful contrasts that pop. Think stripes, lots of ombre, watercolours, botanicals, animal prints and tropical graphics. Embellishments like stitching and colourful piping are big, especially for more classic, understated furniture – the luxury is in the detail.

Mixing it up

We’re seeing so many unusual seating alternatives: the outdoor backed beanbag, picnic benches, the structured pouf has made a flamboyant comeback with varieties that double-up as tables, oversized bolster cushions in chunky knits, the circular sofa and most prevalent as a practical solution, built-in concrete seating with textured upholstery. Tweak your outdoor look and combine more formal seating with low-slung, informal outdoor pieces for a look that’s nice and cohesive.

Feeling texture

Exciting light and dark wooden and woven textures are absolute favourites this season. But so are sturdy base colours such as brown and charcoal which tolerate different multi-step finishes, mimicking the beauty of real wood and different metals. These faux finishes are ideal for volatile Cape weather. Basket weave textures are getting lots of attention – they’re multi-coloured, multi-cultural and braided for fun in exciting new materials.

Take the floor

Charcoal, tones of grey and brown push the boundaries of outdoor flooring and open new doors for creativity. Harsh South African light works this look all the way and we’re seeing a rise in composite decking with many options in these tones: an eco-friendly, durable, all weather blend of recycled timber, bamboo, polypropylene and bonding agents, ideal for small and large areas and there’s no maintenance necessary. Screed and stone remain good options as does treated timber, ever popular and authentic. Modern galvanised steel finishes and its unusual industrial appearance on exterior architecture look particularly good with flooring in grey tones.

Atmospheric conditions

It’s all going breezy, spacious and relaxed. Minimalist furniture is still versatile and timeless, though consider mixing and matching it in different configurations for a little unexpected visual relief. Patio screening has a new look and while offering privacy, incorporates textual elements with a semi-transparent feel. Free-flowing linen panels, reed and pole screens all help create casual, outdoor ‘beach’ appeal that celebrates the great outdoors and languid days in the sun.

Patio trends 2017

Big on bohemia

The skilful mixing and matching of cultural items gathered from interesting travels both abroad and online is becoming a global trend. A worldwide interest in different cultures and artisanal handiwork is expected to intensify. North meets south and east meets west. The result? Playful accents – beads and bobbles and loads of texture, all hand rendered, are here to stay for a long time. That’s great news for sentimentalists and collectors!

The boardwalk

Good news for many – ocean themes are back with a vengeance, but with a sublime twist. Lovely toned denims that move to bottle green, bright indigo blue, sandy beige and ivory white are especially beautiful when accompanied by pretty seashell and contrived fish prints are at large. Oversized lanterns, large sailor stripes and dollops of peachy coral set the scene for an ever pleasing mood that maintains its lively style. It’s remarkably effective paired with lots of wooden slats and large beach umbrellas. Look for crockery to match and you’ll find a host of lovely things – think Royal Yacht Club, Delft china and two tone ceramics.