Gawie Joubert

Gawie Joubert has an exquisite eye for detail, and it’s this talent paired with his strong passion for the word ‘art’ and everything that comes with it that allows him to transform his thoughts and ideas onto paper in such an intriguing manner.

Gawie JoubertBorn in 1988, from KZN, he spent hours as a child foraging in forests and other natural settings storing long-lasting picture memories from which he today refers back to in his moments of focus and expression.

Vines, leaves, shrubbery and the odd inclusion of a bloom or two make up most of his masterpieces and speak of his connection with the outdoors and the intense ‘now’ understanding, and sometimes misunderstanding, of his own sexuality, emotions and physical body.

Pen, pencil and charcoal are his go-to mediums, and what a pleasure it is to see his work quite literally come to life.

Visit 99Loop Art Gallery in Loop Street, Cape Town to view some of Gawie’s works of art