skinny scoop

Skinny Scoop, the first of its kind high protein, no added sugar ice cream was born when Co-owners and Directors Jarred Plu’g and Gabriella Esposito discovered their common health and fitness interests.

Gabriella and Jarred have a joint passion to motivate and encourage people to embrace a healthy and balanced lifestyle. “We wanted to provide people with a delicious treat that not only satisfies sweet cravings but provides your body with nutrients and nourishing elements. So we cut out sugar, cut out artificial preservatives and sweeteners and added high quality whey isolate protein to balance blood sugar levels” says Jarred.

Jarred, originally from Durban, has always had a passion for sports and health and studied towards an Exercise Science diploma. He has worked in gym settings, hotels, schools and even his own garage back in Durban which taught him how to engage with people and build valuable relationships. Born and bred Capetonian, Gabriella started her online bakery “Bake by Gabriella” – – whilst completing a three-year photography diploma at Ruth Prowse School of Art.

For Gabriella, her passion for food styling, writing and photography has only grown over the years and having the opportunity to write and present recipes on the SABC 3 Expresso Morning Show has been an incredible part of her career.

While Jarred was working as a Personal Trainer he met interesting people, including Gabriella, and they discovered that they both had the same vision and complimentary skill set to build a brand.

Between Jarred’s incredible knowledge of health and fitness, as well as his business and marketing skills and Gabriella’s love for recipe development, food, health and fitness, they knew they had to give their idea a go!

Gabriella’s role varies everyday but you will either find her managing Skinny Scoop’s social media, making ice-cream mixture, attending to admin or emails or doing follow up sales work. Gabriella adds, “And I can firmly say that Jarred and I have exciting ideas time at least once a day. This is definitely one of the best parts of having an enthusiastic business partner.” When Gabriella is not at work you will find her at the gym, spending time with her family, or catching up on the latest recipes and food blogs with a glass of red.

“We wanted to provide people with a delicious treat that not only satisfies sweet cravings but provides your body with nutrients and nourishing elements.”

Jarred’s role varies from managing operations, having meetings, solving problems and occasionally giving Gabi motivational advice. When he is not working-which is very seldom- he enjoys surfing and being active outdoors.

A Skinny Scoop highlight for them both was taking on and managing a new factory after only eight months of full production. For them, there is no better feeling than knowing that they have made a client happy and satisfied with their brand. When asked what is next for Skinny Scoop, they stated that they wish to make Skinny Scoop available nationally as well as plan on launching a new flavour in July 2016. Gabriella added, “We are planning an exciting new range of products by early 2017 as well as launching another delicious business in Cape Town. We will keep you posted!”

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