Vincent Da Silva Dancer

Art, in any shape and form, speaks a language. If they induce some form of a reaction the artist has done their job. Vincent Da Silva sends the message loud and clear.


Vincent Da Silva is a well-known South African artist specializing in abstract animal sculpture. His interests in sculpture first honed in on the cat family, horses and then later with a range of other animals he decided to perfect in his art form. His bronze medium captures perfect texture and gracefully shows off the subject’s essence and not just the physical. Vincent has over 10 years of solid sculpture experience and has had a range of pieces showcased locally and internationally.

As well as his small to large scale bronze pieces, he also produces artwork of different mediums and can so elegantly impact a canvas too, some of his first interest ‘animals’ and some in human form, dancers in particular.

Visit his art gallery in Stellenbosch or visit his website for more details.